December 2006:

Birmingham International Comics Show 9-10 December at the Custard Factory - Birmingham - Uk.
Angry Candy Micia Dragon Modern Monstrosity Markosia

Neptune Factory table People More people The Guild

Cosplays Markosia Owen

October 2006:

London Expo 28-29 October 2006 - London

Atari People around Cosplay People around 2 People around 3

Customer at Neptune table People around 5 Jenika at Neptune table Markosia Enterprises

Jack Skeleton Zelda + friends Death + Sandman Spiderman   People around 4 Final Fantasy

 Setting up Neptune Factory table Micia's miou! Modern Monstrosity + Idlechild

August 2006

Caption - Oxford - 4 August 2006 - ...Some pictures from the exhibition (click on the thumbnails to see larger images):

...just arrived in Oxford... people attending the expo... here is the hat but where is the girl? Tim , Andrew and other people... ...In front of the venue...
Sean Azzopardi ( Jenika and Sean interesting street! ...time to go back in London, now! :)   

May 2006

Comic Expo - Bristol - 13 May 2006 - Here some photos from the exhibition
Neptune Factory comic books Neptune Factory table Yishan Li (artist of Yaoi Press) Tokyopop booth People attending the Expo People again

March 2006

The Uk web and mini comics thing - London - 11 March 2006 - sorry, no pictures available! (We had some technical problem with our camera)
(^ ^);

November 2005

Comic Expo - Brighton - 19-20 November 2005 - Here some pictures courtesy of Richard Nairn (Pantomime Press)