Here is the lovely fan art I received during the years. Thank you so much to the people who drew/baked/sewed/carved/built it… I am honoured!
If you have a Micia or other Vampire Free Style or Midnight Tea fan art I would be delighted to see it :)
p.s. Click on the images to enlarge them

Micia by PennyPen Art

Micia and Elea by DaiikonRadish
Micia Plush by Emily and Tanios Micia Darth Vader by Gary Erskine Micia and stars on cake
by Ernesto and Monya
Padroncino and Micia by Katie Ridley, kindly gifted by Tanios Micia Bag by Inara and Jan Elea cosplayed by Emily during Sunnycon 2017
Micia in Amigurumi Crochet by Dezadie Micia String Art by Annet Cernova
Vampire Free Style and Norg characters by Federico Arcieri
Micia carved on
Halloween Pumpkin
by Rob Webley
Micia drawn on a beer mat
by Mark Tranter (The Swansea Comics Collective)
Micia in blankets by Elwood (6 yrs old) Micia clay statue by Jan
Micia, Cloud and Muffin
by Morag Lewis
Micia customised Solar garden light by Robert Webley Micia and Elea by Caty1234 and Rupert Micia and Elea
by Charly Von Karma
Micia and Padroncino by Wiktoria
Vampire Free Style by Thea Micia plasticine by Ays Micia by Sarah Pastuch Elea by Phoebe Dawson Micia Paper by Inara and Jan
Micia 3D statue by Jan Micia and Elea by Mary Ennis Micia Perler by Mike (www.pixel
Micia and Elea by Phoebe Dawson Micia talking with the stars by Barney Gee
Micia drawn on Nintendo DS by Ays Micia by Molly Nemecek/Jakface Micia Bellissima by Manos Kotsifakis Glittering talking stars by Tanios and Emily Micia sketches on notebook by William (7 years old)
Micia by Lorenzo Nicoletta Micia String Art by Annet Cernova Jenika and Amy - Midnight Tea - at Comic Con by Jan Micia gif animated
by Mike