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Midnight Tea - Issue n. 1
40 pages
A ghost story set in 19th century...

Vampire Free Style- The Graphic Novel
188 pages
collected edition issue 1 to 6
Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 1
32 pages
A witch boy in training meets Micia, a mysterious black cat...
Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 2
24 pages
...Once upon a time there was a cat who was able to speak with the stars...
Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 3
32 pages
The story begins 300 years before...
Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 4
32 pages

Someone is looking for Micia, someone who might know what happened 300 years before..
Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 5
36 pages
Mysteries from the past begin to be revealed...


Vampire Free Style - Issue n. 6
40 pages

Micia's real identiy is uncovered...

Micia's Colouring & Activity book
Art: Jenika Ioffreda
20 pages

Join the black cat Micia and her friends in this fun-filled book!
Colour the pages, join the dots, solve the puzzles, find your way into
the labyrinth, draw and play!

Includes a free poster and colouring pencils


Mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe

Mug Micia Videogames - £10
Mug Micia Music - £10 ---- Currently Sold Out

Approximate size 6.5 x 7.5cm - £1.50 each
Sticker Micia 80s Sticker Micia Hawaii Sticker Micia Kimono Sticker Micia Reading
Sticker Micia Skateboard Sticker Micia Spain Sticker Micia Steampunk Sticker Micia Videogames
Sticker Micia Violin Sticker Micia Medieval Sticker Micia HeavyMetal Sticker Micia Fire Fighter
Sticker Micia Moon Sticker Micia PinkBlanket    

Size Sheet: A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50
Sticker Sheet Blue Sticker Sheet Yellow

Greeting cards Micia Cake - A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50
Greeting cards Micia Heavy Metal - A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50
Greeting cards Micia Steampunk - A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50
Greeting cards Micia Moon - A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50
Greeting cards Micia Violin - A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) - £2.50

Size A6 size (10.5 x 14.8 cm) , 24 pages, £3

Size A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm) , 24 sheets, left sided binding, £2.50

Screen Printed 100% Cotton Tote bags £7.50 - Currently Sold Out

Wooden charms, printed one side, size 2.5 x 2.5cm - £2.00 each
Charm Micia Karate Charm Micia Moon Circle Charm Micia Moon Square - sold out
Charm Micia PinkBlanket Charm Micia Travels Charm Midnight Duke

Size 10x10cm, Acrylic (made with 100% recycled plastics) , printed one side, £12

58mm diameters - £2.50 each

Mirror Micia China Mirror Micia Top Hat Mirror Micia Forest -sold out
Mirror Micia Karate Mirror Micia Malta Mirror Micia Mexico
Mirror Micia Nurse Mirror Micia Picnic Mirror Micia Pastry Chef
Mirror Micia Steampunk -sold out Mirror Micia Summer Ocean Mirror back side

25mm diameters - £1.50 each

Round Magnet Midnight Round Magnet Duke Round Magnet Angel Round Magnet Blanket
- Currently Sold Out
Round Magnet VFS Round Magnet Devil
- Currently Sold Out
Round Magnet Bunny
- Currently Sold Out
Round Magnet Harlequin
Round Magnet Metal Round Magnet Ireland Round Magnet Japan Round Magnet Magic
- Currently Sold Out
Round Magnet Moon
- Currently Sold Out
Round Magnet Picnic Round Magnet Reading  

Portrait orientation, size 5 x 7.5cm - £2 each

Magnet Micia 80s Magnet Micia Accordion Magnet Micia Alps Magnet Micia Angel/Devil
Magnet Micia Australia Magnet Micia Baseball Magnet Micia Basketball Magnet Micia Birthday
Magnet Micia Lake Boat Magnet Micia Bronze Age Magnet Micia Bunny Magnet Micia Canada
Magnet Micia Capricorn Magnet Micia China Magnet Micia Cupcake Magnet Micia Egypt
Magnet Micia Farmer Magnet Micia Firefighter Magnet Micia France Magnet Micia Germany
Magnet Micia Golf Magnet Micia Greece Magnet Micia Harlequin Magnet Micia Hawaii
Magnet Micia Metal Magnet Micia Holland Magnet Micia Ireland Magnet Micia Italy
Magnet Micia Japan Magnet Micia Jester Magnet Micia Karate Magnet Micia Korea
Magnet Micia Magician Magnet Micia Malta Magnet Micia Mechanic Magnet Micia Medieval
Magnet Micia Miou Magnet Micia Moon Magnet MiciaMoonWhite Magnet Micia Director
Magnet Micia Pizza Chef Magnet Micia Prehistoria Magnet Micia Puppeteer Magnet Micia Reading
Magnet Micia Russia Magnet Micia Sailor Magnet Micia Scotland Magnet Micia Skate
Magnet Micia Spain Magnet Micia Steampunk Magnet Micia Swimming Magnet Micia Triangle
Magnet Micia Valentine Magnet Micia Videogame Magnet Micia Violin Magnet Micia Volleyball
Magnet Micia Blanket Magnet Micia Forest Magnet Micia Witch Magnet Micia Electrician
Magnet Saria Magnet Midnight Mr.D    

Landscape orientation, size 7.5 x 5cm - £2 each
Magnet Micia Books Magnet Micia Cake Magnet Micia Chef
Magnet Micia Comic Con Magnet Micia Ice Skating Magnet Micia Maid
Magnet Micia Mail Magnet Micia Mexico Magnet Micia Nurse
Magnet Micia Summer Ocean Magnet Micia Picnic Magnet Micia Ski
Magnet Micia Tea Magnet Micia Travel Magnet Micia Violet Devil
Magnet Micia Windsurf    

Square acrylic keyrings, size 3.5 x 3.5 cm, one sided print- £2 each

Keyring Micia Alps Keyring Micia Canada Keyring Micia Egypt Keyring Micia France
Keyring Micia Germany Keyring Micia Hawaii Keyring Micia Ireland Keyring Micia Italy
Keyring Micia Japan Keyring Micia Mexico Keyring Micia Russia Keyring Micia Spain
Keyring Micia Accordion Keyring Micia Angel Keyring Micia Blanket Keyring Micia Boat
Keyring Micia Books Keyring Micia Bunny Keyring Micia Chef Keyring Micia Cupcake
Keyring Micia Devil Keyring Micia Director Keyring Micia Forest Keyring Micia Farmer
Keyring Micia Firefighter Keyring Micia Harlequin KeyringMiciaHeadphones Keyring Micia IceSkating
Keyring Micia Magician Keyring Micia Mechanic Keyring Micia Moon Keyring Micia Nurse
Keyring Micia Ocean Keyring Micia PastryChef Keyring Micia Picnic Keyring Micia Pirate
Keyring Micia Punk Keyring Micia Umbrella Keyring Micia Sailor Keyring Micia Snowman
Keyring Micia Steampunk Keyring Micia VFS Keyring Micia VioletDevil Keyring Micia Violin
Keyring Midnight Tea Keyring Elea Padroncino Keyring VampireFreeStyle  

25mm diameters - £1.50 each

Badge Micia Accordion Badge Micia Basketball Badge Micia Blanket Badge Micia Books
Badge Micia Bunny Badge Micia Business Badge Micia Cake Badge Micia Capricorn
Badge Micia Chef Badge Micia Ciuccio Badge Micia Devil Badge Micia Egypt
Badge Micia Firefighter Badge Micia Forest Badge Micia France Badge MiciaHawaii
Badge Micia Headphones Badge Micia Heavy Metal Badge Micia Ice cream Badge Micia Ice Skating
Badge Micia Ireland Badge Micia Italy Badge Micia Japan Badge Micia Jester
Badge Micia Karate Badge Micia Magic Badge Micia Magician Badge Micia Maid
Badge Micia Mexico Badge Micia Moon Badge Micia Nurse Badge Micia Picnic
Badge Micia Pirate Badge Micia Punk Badge Micia Reading Badge Micia Recipes
Badge Micia Salopette Badge Micia Scotland Badge Micia Spring Badge Micia Star
Badge Micia Ocean Badge Micia Top Hat Badge Micia Travel Badge Micia Umbrella
Badge Micia Valentine Badge Micia Violet Devil Badge Micia Violin Badge Micia Witch
Badge Midnight Tea Badge Saria Badge Vampire Free Style  

- Please write an email with the list of all items you wish to buy
- All prices are inclusive of postage fees (standard Royal Mail for United Kingdom). For postage outside UK or
Special Delivery prices may change. Please contact me for furter details.
- Payment can be done by paypal to: